50SD-Russian Castles/Fortress Activity

Sugar Delta Russian Castles/Fortress Activity
50SD-RC003 Saint-Anna Fortress
Active time to time from December 2020.
Qsl via 50SD001 Alex

Active also from:
50SD-RC002 Azov Fortress
50SD-RC046 Pavlovskaya Fortress
50SD-RC108 Aksay Fortress
50SD-RC109 Lyutik Fortress
50SD-RC112 Liventsovskaya Fortress

St.Anna fortress — this is the only earthen fortress that has survived to this day, the construction of which began in 1730 by order of Empress Anna.According to the plan, the fortress was surrounded by an earthen rampart and consisted of 6 forts forming a hexagon whose sides were 318 meters in length.

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