Activation «Victory Day»(1945-2015)-70 years


We invite you to take part in activation «Victory Day» devoted to the 70 anniversary (1945-2015) of a holiday of a great victory over fascism and end II World War in Europe. If you want active with VD70 call,please contact with Alex 50SD001.

Dates:  every weekend from 18/19 April 2015 to 30/31 May 2015 (total will be 7 weekends). Stations:

3SD205-VD70 Rafael

14SD014-VD70 Jean-Claude

14SD063-VD70 Loic

14SD132-VD70 Jean-Claude

21SD153-VD70 Colin

26SD117-VD70 Geoff

43SD101-VD70 Geoff

50SD001-VD70 Alex

50SD005-VD70 Sergey

50SD104-VD70 Elena

50SD109-VD70 Vasily

50SD121-VD70 Oleg

50SD124-VD70 Mike

50SD147-VD70 Valery

50SD173-VD70 Yuri

50SD333-VD70 Andrey

302SD108-VD70 Nikolay

302SD109-VD70 Alex

302SD200-VD70 Slava

302SD505-VD70 Vladimir

50SD000-VD70 Club station (only 9-10 May)

302SD000-VD70 Club station (only 9-10 May)

311/14SD014-VD70 Jean-Claude (only 9-10 May)

 Template LOG file for hunters: Victory_Day_LOG

8 комментариев к “Activation «Victory Day»(1945-2015)-70 years”

  1. Bonjour Alex /50SD001,

    je ne suis pas toujours disponible actuellement, je ne serais pas activant ,mais seulement chasseur,et j’essayerais de contacter le maximum d’Opérateurs, tant au qra avec antenne filaire,et en mobile portable avec Skipperbeam modèle de «G4ZU».,je n’ai fait qu’un seul contact hier et ce fût avec le sieur Vasily sur la 50.
    Bien cordiallement a vous Alex
    14SD 115-Patrick

    • We honor the memory of our forefathers for their feats, though, I can understand you. Especially when you consider that Italy itself together with Nazi Germany declared war to France, England and attacked the USSR. You probably have your own memories. No problem. You can make your own.

  2. Bonjour Alex ,50SD001,
    contacter hier a 13:40 UTC. 43sd101-vd70- Geoff.
    mais cet opérateur n’est pas sur la feuille de log
    comme activant ?
    fréquence du contact le 19/04/2015 27.577 mhz
    prog pour moi 032.

  3. Hi Alex,
    Nice to work several station’s VD70, very important to remember this célébration ! Remember «Normandie-Niemen» ! I send to you my log in your e-mel @dress.
    Best 73,s from Bruno


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